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Repairing Your Wooden Floors

Before renovation, some floors may need major or minor repairs. We will assess them to determine the work required to create the perfect surface for the later stages of sanding, staining and sealing.

Removal / Replacement of Damaged Boards

We fix any loose boards, removing any old tacks and nails. Protruding nails are hammered flat.

If any boards are damaged beyond repair, we will replace them using reclaimed timber – wherever possible, of the same quality and age.

​Gap filling

A gap-filled floor has an even look which is pleasing to the eye but is not always necessary. Filling gaps does prevent both draughts and the build up of dust between the gaps. It also tightens the floor and helps prevent timber movement.


Resin – mostly used on parquet and mosaic floors with lots of fine gaps. Dust from the floor is mixed with a resin and applied to the gaps with a filling knife.

Wooden strips – solid fillets of reclaimed pine and other timbers are glued, forced into the gaps, and chiselled back before sanding flat..

Make Guildford Floor Sanding Co. your first choice for wood floor repairs – a reliable firm you can trust to do the best job.

Phone or email us today for a free inspection and quote. We will assess your floors – and advise you on the repairs you will need. You will be quoted a fixed price with no hidden extras.

Other Services

Fire Hearth Removal

A leftover concrete slab is no partner for your new wooden floor. We can remove redundant fire hearths and disguise the space with floorboards.

Wooden Decking

Decking is no longer an attractive garden feature once it has become severely weathered, dirty, scratched or sun damaged. We sand the entire surface to remove the top layer of old, weakened wood fibres.
‘Like-new’ wood fibres are hiding just beneath the surface, waiting for decking oil or stain to create a new finish.

Stair Stripping

Stairs are often neglected – and covered by carpeting or layers of paint for generations. Stripping is a painstaking process, but the results are well worth the hard work.

The entire tread and risers are stripped, sanded and coated in a clear natural or stained finish. Or you can have the riser finished in white paint – with the tread left in clear or stained sealant. The results are striking.

We usually only treat these parts of the stairs and don’t tackle banisters.

For the complete service in Guildford – contact us today!