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How We Work?

We can sand any type of wooden floor, old or modern: herring bone, parquet, finger mosaics, laminates, wide oak boards..

A job will take at least a full day, with large areas or multiple rooms possibly taking several days. All rooms must be free of heavy traffic while we work. We will discuss approximate timings with you during your free consultation.

The rooms must be clear, so furniture must be removed before we start. If you need assistance, we can do this for you, but it must be agreed beforehand.


Dust And Noise

Our sanding and collection system removes up to 98% of the dust, far superior to conventional sanding systems.

The preparation (knocking in nails to align the floorboards) and the sanding process itself is very noisy. The powerful electric motors of our sanding machines are far louder than ordinary DIY power tools (so our operators always wear ear protectors).

Our sanders go right up to the edge of the floor and a couple of millimetres under the skirting board. They leave no trace of sanding marks and create a smooth, pristine surface. And don’t worry about Victorian black wax and other floor remnants – we remove them completely.


Do It Yourself Sanding ?

We’ll be frank. We do too many jobs where we have to put right the damage done by the enthusiastic amateur. It’s painful to see a totally beautiful floor ruined.

Yes, you can go to a hire shop and take home a sander for the weekend. But will it be right for your requirements? Have you ever tried to use one? What do you do when it bumps and shudders…. and leaves ugly clatter marks? As it will.

We can rectify your efforts but it will end up costing you more – as well as possibly being left with a floor that will always bear the scars.

So do call on the professionals. Our fully-trained staff are competent to work on all kinds of floors. We’ve seen it all and know what we’re doing.

Don’t take chances – contact us today!