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Wood Floor Staining

Stains enhance the wood grain and are used to alter the colour of wood (eg: darkening a pine floor). Floor stains are applied by hand or roller and take at least eight hours to dry.

Coloured varnishes are available, but we recommend staining and varnishing in two distinct stages. It is easier to main
tain control over the colour and the durability of the sealant will be enhanced. As the varnish or sealant wears away, it will not affect the underlying coloured stain.

Another option is to paint your floor or use a coloured wax (such as lime wax) which gives a soft tinting effect on the visible wood grain.

Coloured wax is a good choice for floors with dull, washed colours. It can also match your home interior by quickly lending some colour to your room. You will get an affordable new floor that looks completely different.

As well as the traditional solvent and oil-based wood stains, we also use odor-free, water-based stains. The colours range from traditional wood colours to contemporary pigmenting: eg white, red, blue or even pink!

Email or phone us for a free assessment of your wooden floor. We can also show you a range of coloured waxes and stains – to help you choose those that meet your needs.

Contact us for a free assessment and answers to all your questions about sanding.

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